Studiegroep Luchtoorlog 1939-1945


Evader chart: E0385
SGLO Date crash Aircraft
T3519 08-03-44 B-24 Liberator
MilRank First Name(s) Name
1/Lt. Everett George Ehrman
Milregnr. Nationality Born
O-681972 American
Returned Y/N Evader Fate Date Captured/Liberated Place Captured/Liberated Escape Line
No EVD-POW 27 May 44 Liege, Belgium -
Evader Story
						1/Lt. Everett G. Ehrman was the pilot of B-24 Liberator 42-52175 ‘Portland Anne’. During a bombing mission to Berlin, the bomber returned homeward over Northern Germany with an engine feathered and another smoking. Eventually the B-24 didn’t make it home. The crew bailed out while the empty Liberator came down relatively undamaged near Den Oosterhuis. After he jumped Ehrman landed near Ommen. Directly after the landing he could get away. That same night Sijbe Post from Vermeerstraat 2a at Huizum, an underdiver himself went to search for 'the pilot'. He found him in a the barn of the farm of family Kloosterman at the Ommerwoeste. Post and Ehrman decided to flee 'together to England'. They would try to get to Hasselt because Post knew there were escape lines running from there. Just as they were about to leave a certain Liew Hiemstra entered. He assured that they wouldn't need to get to Hasselt. They now were directed to family Tiemen Hendriks and their coming to be son-in-law Hendrik Bijker, Ommerschans R35 (near Balkbrug). They supplied him with food and civilian clothes, before Ehrman was escorted by Post and Bijker to Nieuwleusen. The fiancee of Bijker and Hiemstra reconnoitered the road ahead. Post and Ehrman were led to a cold barn where they remained a few hours before they were picked up by Arend Jan Schuurman who took them to his house. Ehrman and Post received a meal and drinks and then there had to be found a hiding place. Eventually Hendrik Meulman of Oosteinde, A 14 Nieuwleusen was prepared to give them shelter. They would remain here a day and a night. The evening of the next night Post, Bijker and Schuurman escorted Ehrman to J. van Aarst, a local resistance leader and headmaster of the school in Nieuwleusen. Here it was decided that Post would remain in The Netherlands, where he was more useful. Ehrman went on to Emmen. Post: 'After a few days we gave this office over in the hands of our companions of a neighboring group (Meppel).' Ehrman was handed over to Albert van Spijker (alias 'Hilbert') at Emmastraat 23 at Meppel. He would remain here for about fourteen days and then handed over resistance leader Peter van den Hurk at Meppel.

It was probably Van den Hurk who arranged Ehrman to be escorted to the south of The Netherlands. He was helped to Roermond where he came in the hands of Frans Verbruggen. He - at his turn - brought Ehrman to Anna Janssens v/d Smissen at Minderbroedersingel 72 at Roermond. Ehrman would remain in hiding here for 67 days. He hid here probably together for some time with S/Sgt. Salvador Chavez (E0310). It then went further southwards. Both men were handed over to the 'Belasting groep' of Petrus Symons and possibly also to the Groep Vrij of Jacques Vrij. On 19 May the two were transferred to Belgium with Capt. G.D. Binks (E0308) and 2/Lt. Myrle J. Stinnett (E0428). According to some sources also 2/Lt. Clyde J. Martin (E0347) was a member of the party. They crossed the border through a disused tunnel in the Sint Pietersberg. In the tunnel they were guided by Belgian Adolphe van Belleghem (Quai du Canal 1 at Petite Lanaye) and his wife. On Belgian soil they came in the hands of Eugene Maquet from Emael. Binks and the others now probably came in the hands of the resistance group of Joseph Francoi Adrien Drion. This Belgian resistance leader organized the transport of the group to Liege. But here it all went wrong. On 26 May Drion and 22 of his co-workers were arrested. Ehrman was captured the next day during a Gestapo-led raid in Liège that rounded up about fifteen airmen in hiding, Ehrman was one of them and was captured by members of 'Feldgendarmerie d 811 [or d 841]' Lüttich. He was probably first taken to the headquarters of the SD in Liege. From here it went to Saint Léonard prison. On 6 June Ehrman and other airmen were transferred to the Citadel of Liège. He remained in the hands of the SD in Liege until 20 July 1944. He was then handed over to the Luftwaffe. Probably via Brussels and/or St. Trond he arrived on 26 July 1944 at Dulag Luft West at Wetzlar.

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