Studiegroep Luchtoorlog 1939-1945


Evader chart: E0390
SGLO Date crash Aircraft
T3519 08-03-44 B-24 Liberator
MilRank First Name(s) Name
S/Sgt. Paul Henry Moseley
Milregnr. Nationality Born
27232260 American Brookfield, Missouri, USA, 10 May 1921
Returned Y/N Evader Fate Date Captured/Liberated Place Captured/Liberated Escape Line
No EVD-POW 3 Aug 44 Antwerp, Belgium -
Evader Story
						S/Sgt. Paul Henry Moseley was the right waist gunner of B-24 Liberator 42-52175 'Portland Anne'. During a bombing mission to Berlin, the bomber returned homeward over Northern Germany with an engine feathered and another smoking. Eventually the B-24 didn’t make it home. The crew bailed out while the empty Liberator came down relatively undamaged near Den Oosterhuis. Moseley landed near Dalfsen. Together with other crewmembers: S/Sgt. Michael Kopcza (E0389), the tail gunner, 2/Lt. Marlowe B. Olson (E0391), the navigator, 2/Lt. William H. Hammond (E0386), the co-pilot and a 'Cleo Clinton White' and 'Max Palenica', he was picked up by Harm Houwing and taken to his cottage 'de Wildzang', south of Dalfsen. They stayed here for about seven days before they were handed over to 'an underground organization'. This was the resistance group of Roelof Cornelis Vermeulen (Torenstraat 51 at Leeuwarden). Moseley came via Jilles Zijlstra (Merelstraat 9, Drachten) in the hands of Trijntje Salverda-Lindeboom at Folgerenlaan HT 156 at Rottevalle who escorted Moseley to Geert Hansma and his wife at the Boelenslaan in Surhuisterveen. He would remain here almost four months. In this period he moved also temporarily (for two weeks) to the house of Trijntje Salverda-Lindeboom at Rottevalle). 

On 1 or 7 July 1944 Moseley was given over to J. Zijlstra again. It's very well possible that Zijlstra took Moseley to reverend Eise Gerrit Buitenbos in Opeinde. Buitenbos and a certain Wilke Kooistra took Moseley to the house of head teacher Jannes Boerstrstra at Eernewoude 15. He would remain here until 1 August. On this date he was picked up again by Buitenbos and Zijlstra. Here he was probably handed over to Cornelius Hillen and his wife (2e Jacob van Campenstraat 69-II at Amsterdam) who escorted him to Arnhem. It's unknown if he travelled southwards with other evaders. In Arnhem they handed the three over to freule Ima van Asbeck (Laan van Copes van Cattenburgh 131a at The Hague) who guided them to Kaatsheuvel, Tilburg or Zaltbommel. According to one sorce Moseley was guided from Zaltbommel by Willem Antoon Krayenhoff van der Leur (contactman between Miss Van den Wall Bake and Group André) to Sprang-Capelle. Here he came in the hands of Groep André. Escorted by Piet Felix he crossed the border into Belgium. He ended up in Antwerp but due to treason was arrested here on 3 August 1944.

Paul Henry Moseley passed away on 15 July 1994 at Brookfield, Linn County, Missouri at the age of 73. He is buried at Rose Hill Cemetery, Brookfield, Linn County, Missouri, USA.
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