Studiegroep Luchtoorlog 1939-1945

Loss Register

Loss chart: T3438
Day or Night of operation Operation Target Nickname Aircraft
21 Feb 44 - Diepholz
Factory Aircraft Mk Serial/Wnr. Code Unit Air Force TO/t Airfield
Boeing B-17 F 42-30280 MI- 482BG/812BS USAAF Alconbury
Time Cause of the Crash Crash Location Damage Province
1545 Engine trouble after bombing. Was attacked by Fw 190 Crashed in IJsselmeer 13 km ne of Bunschoten Flevoland
Function Mil Rank Ini Name Age Mil reg Air Force Fate Cemetery Grave Remarks
Pilot 1/Lt. R.W. Holcombe O-677742 USAAF KIA Margraten H-16-4 Initially buried at Amersfoort
Co-Pilot 2/Lt. J.W. Baber O-682761 USAAF - pow
Co-Pilot Capt. G.D. Banks O-662727 USAAF - - pow, evaded but captured later
Navigator 1/Lt. C.A. Haupt O-432504 USAAF - - Evaded, liberated in Belgium
Navigator 2/Lt. J.D. Punches O-682366 USAAF - Evaded to England
Navigator 1/Lt. E.H. Horner jr. O-724647 USAAF - pow
Bombardier 2/Lt. W.H. Barrett O-683105 USAAF - pow
Engineer T/Sgt. T.D. Kennedy 18189754 USAAF - pow
Radio Operator S/Sgt. S.F. Martin 39108878 USAAF - pow
Left Waist Gunner S/Sgt. H.M. Booth 06578178 USAAF EVD - Evaded to England
Right Waist Gunner S/Sgt. B.W. Long 39854150 USAAF - pow
Ball Turret Gunner S/Sgt. H. Raemer jr. 13137183 USAAF - pow
Tail Gunner S/Sgt. W.M. Blake 32284616 USAAF - pow
Wartime Records Background Info
- Casualty Report by Jan Hey based on MACR 2470 and 2471

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