Studiegroep Luchtoorlog 1939-1945

Loss Register

Loss chart: T3853
Day or Night of operation Operation Target Nickname Aircraft
29 Jun 44 - Aschersleben
Factory Aircraft Mk Serial/Wnr. Code Unit Air Force TO/t Airfield
Consolidated B-24 H 42-51095 Z5- 458BG/754BS USAAF Horsham St. Faith
Time Cause of the Crash Crash Location Damage Province
1210 Hit by Flak over the target Nieuw-Namen 8 km e of Hulst Zeeland
Function Mil Rank Ini Name Age Mil reg Air Force Fate Cemetery Grave Remarks
Pilot 2/Lt. C.B. Armour O-691465 USAAF EVD - pow
Co-Pilot 2/Lt. D.E. Blodgett O-701868 USAAF EVD - Evaded
Navigator 2/Lt. J.O. Fullerton O-712547 USAAF EVD - Evaded
Bombardier 2/Lt. F. Erdmann O-752809 USAAF EVD-POW - Evaded, arrested in Blgium
Radio Operator S/Sgt. J. Brill 33601860 USAAF - pow
Top Turret Gunner S/Sgt. C.C. Rawls 34506572 USAAF - pow
Ball Turret Gunner S/Sgt. F. Peichoto 39411039 USAAF EVD - Evaded
Left Waist Gunner Sgt. B.J. Davis 38303263 USAAF EVD-POW - Evaded, arrested in Blgium
Right Waist Gunner Sgt. W.P. Owens 35651617 USAAF EVD-POW - Evaded, arrested in Blgium
Tail Gunner Sgt. E.S. Allen 11105323 USAAF EVD-POW - Evaded, arrested in Blgium
Wartime Records Background Info
- Mail 15-04-2009 T. Schuurman for location; AB304/25; AB305/10-13;Casualty Report by J. Hey based on MACR 7092

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