Studiegroep Luchtoorlog 1939-1945

Loss Register

Loss chart: T3907B
Day or Night of operation Operation Target Nickname Aircraft
25/26 Jul 44 - -
Factory Aircraft Mk Serial/Wnr. Code Unit Air Force TO/t Airfield
Heinkel He 111 H-16 161230 5K+GT 9./KG 3 Luftwaffe Gilze-Rijen
Time Cause of the Crash Crash Location Damage Province
0010 Flew into a hightension mast Crashed Acht municipality Eindhoven Noord-Brabant
Function Mil Rank Ini Name Age Mil reg Air Force Fate Cemetery Grave Remarks
Flugzeugführer Uffz. G. Rohne 22 68578/765 Luftwaffe KIA Ysselsteyn AA-4-77
Beobachter Fw. A. Gunther 22 68578/820 Luftwaffe KIA Ysselsteyn AA-4-78
Bordfunker Uffz. W. Lange 19 214651/365 Luftwaffe KIA Ysselsteyn AA-4-79
Bordmechaniker Uffz. W. Wetzel 21 214651/282 Luftwaffe KIA Ysselsteyn AA-4-80
Bordschütze Uffz. E. Unterdörfel 22 68578/225 Luftwaffe KIA Ysselsteyn AA-4-81
Wartime Records Background Info
- Documentatiegroep Volkel for crew and location; BA351/13

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