Studiegroep Luchtoorlog 1939-1945

Loss Register

Loss chart: T3966A
Day or Night of operation Operation Target Nickname Aircraft
1/2 Sep 44 Heimatflug -
Factory Aircraft Mk Serial/Wnr. Code Unit Air Force TO/t Airfield
Junkers Ju 188 A-2 9./KG 6 Luftwaffe -
Time Cause of the Crash Crash Location Damage Province
0100 Bauchlandung Wezep, SW of Zwolle Overijssel
Function Mil Rank Ini Name Age Mil reg Air Force Fate Cemetery Grave Remarks
Flugzeugführer Uffz. H. Stitz Luftwaffe WIA - Wounded
Beobachter Ogfr. M. Bauer Luftwaffe WIA - Wounded
Bordfunker Ogfr. R. Stinner Luftwaffe SAFE -
Bordschütze - Luftwaffe SAFE -
Bordschütze - Luftwaffe SAFE -
Wartime Records Background Info
Manrho J. Archive BA266/19 by A.A. Jansen; MS; KG 6 Chronik Jan Horn

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