Studiegroep Luchtoorlog 1939-1945


Monument chart: M0005
Monument Name T/R Number
Monument B-24H 42-52123 ‘Thirty Day Furlough’ T3309
Date unveiling Street City Zipcode Province
May 4, 1990 Hoofdstraat Exloo 7875 AD Drenthe
The monument consists of a  cleft boulder with an informative inscription, placed on a paved surface. In addition to this big boulder, local forest ranger Meelker of Staatsbosbeheer placed during 1946/1947 ten smaller boulders at the crash site. Next to each boulder a beech tree was planted. An informative sign is on site.
The monument is dedicated to the ten crew members of a USAAF  Liberator B-24 bomber who were killed when their ship crashed here on January 11, 1944 during the Second World War. 

2/Lt. J.E. Urban (†)
2/Lt. A.P. Anthony (†)
2/Lt. F. Brenner (†)
2/Lt. S. Friedman (†)
S/Sgt. H.M. Smith (†)
S/Sgt. W. Mc Clellan (†)
S/Sgt. J.B. Deffner (†)
S/Sgt. G. Petula (†)
T/Sgt. R.D. Barber (†)
S/Sgt. J.J. Kelly (†)
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