Studiegroep Luchtoorlog 1939-1945


Monument chart: M0012
Monument Name T/R Number
Monument B-17G 42-31299 T3496
Date unveiling Street City Zipcode Province
Oranjekanaal zuidzijde 5 Oranje 9416 TA Drenthe
A boulder with bronze plaque. The plaque bears the callsign of the B-17 and its crew. The monument is 90 centimeters high, 50 centimeters wide and 40 centimeters deep.
The monument on the Oranjekanaal reminds the inhabitants of Orange of the crash of the American B-17G bomber 42-31299 'Junior' on March 6, 1944. Battle damage after fighter attack; probably shot down by Ofw. Scherer or 1./JG 11, Only Navigator 2/Lt E.A. Skinner managed to escape and returned to England on 11-09-1944. The rest were made prisoners of war.
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