Studiegroep Luchtoorlog 1939-1945


Monument chart: M0013
Monument Name T/R Number
Monument Allied Airmen T3107
Date unveiling Street City Zipcode Province
Oude Bosweg 8 (Hunterpad) Oude Willem 8439 SN Drenthe
The 'Monument to Allied Airmen' in the township Oude Willem comprises an erratic boulder, on which a copper plaque is attached. The plaque bears the names of seven allied airmen (six Canadians, one Brit) who are buried at the Municipal Cemetery in Diever.
The monument commemorates the crash of a Halifax of the Royal Canadian Airforce, on November 3nd 1943. It is placed at the crashsite in the forest near the township Oude Willem.  The aircraft had taken off that day at 16.33 hrs, from its base Middleton St. George, (county Durham) , England and was downed by a German nightfighter at 19.00 hrs.  The mission comprised  776 bombers, of which 764 were to attack Berlin, and 12  had Leverkusen as target.
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