Studiegroep Luchtoorlog 1939-1945


Monument chart: M0020
Monument Name T/R Number
Vliegersmonument Dronten T2424
Date unveiling Street City Zipcode Province
May 5, 1965 De Rede 1 Dronten 8251 ER Flevoland
The 'Vliegersmonument' in Dronten is the propeller of the British Lancaster ED357 of 12 Squadron. Behind the propeller is a commemorative wall in which a plaque is cemented. The monument is 2.50 m. high and 2.50 m. wide.
In memory of all Allied airmen who lost their lives in World War II, including five crew members of the Lancaster ED357 that crashed in the IJsselmeer in the night of 11/12 June 1943.