Studiegroep Luchtoorlog 1939-1945


Monument chart: M0100
Monument Name T/R Number
Monument Mosquito HR353 T4738
Date unveiling Street City Zipcode Province
April 4, 1995 Zuiderzeestraatweg 21a Hattem 8051 SL Gelderland
The monument consists of a commemorative bronze plaque attached on a raw, square boulder.  The boulder is placed on a raised square plateau made up of bricks. The text on the plaque reads: They gave there lives fot our freedom on 27 november 1944. The De Haviland Mosquito HR353 of 464 squadron of The Royal Australian Airforce crashed on this place by which W.A. Greenshields, 27 year RAAF and E.H. Norman, 23 years RAF lost there lives 
The Mosquito HR353 belonged to  Squadron 464 RAAF, based at RAF Thorney Island as of June 1944.  The squadron served in the light bomber role, undertaking operations over France and the Low Countries. It also flew night fighter missions. In the latter capacity,  Mosquito HR353  had taken off in the evening of 27 November 1944 on an intruder mission, targeted at reconnaissance/tactical interdiction of railway traffic in Northeast Netherlands. After a succesfull assault on a locomotive south of the city of Zwolle, the aircraft was hit by anti-aircraft fire in the Zwolle area.  The crew of two perished in the ensuing crash. They rest at the General Cemetery 'de Kranenburg' in Zwolle.