Studiegroep Luchtoorlog 1939-1945


Monument chart: M0828
Monument Name T/R Number
Plaquette Blenheim N3594 T0915
Date unveiling Street City Zipcode Province
2004 Noordelijke Hoofddijk 25 Nijverdal 7443 RV Overijssel
A plaque telling the story of the event. In addition to the text, there is also a profile of a Blenheim on the plaque. This plaque is one of 21 and is part of the project 'Opdat niet wordt vergeten' within the municipality of Hellendoorn.
The airplane departed RAF Bodney in the evening of December 3 on an operation to Essen. While cruising over the Netherlands, it crashed in unknown circumstances in an open field located in the region of Almelo. All three crew members became PoW.